October 04, 2011

A "Historic" Document

Last weekend I had a look at my notes from high school to make some room for my new university notes from this year. This earth-shadowing news alone would be worth a tweet for many people these days, but definitely not a blog entry for me. However, I came across this Geography class test about seismology from some seven years ago. I've totally forgotten about doing seismology in such "detail" in high school and it's strange to hold this document in my hands because it's from a time two and a half years before I decided to become a geophysicist. Back then I really had no idea how important all this would become to me, but the mark suggested some talent even though I wouldn't give me full marks for this today. ;-)


Marciepooh said...

Your geography class was in English? Wow. I'm sure glad the only class I took in a foreign language was my German classes.

Also, that's quite possibly more seismology than students get in Intro to Physical Geology at some universities here.

Aurelian Roeser said...

My high school had a very strong emphasis on (modern) languages. I had German-English bilingual classes in Geography, History and Political Science for some years which was a really great experience.

Unfortunately, geology hasn't been a big topic at most high schools, but I've got the feeling that it's getting better. BTW, some of my old Geography notes are truly interesting. As a matter of fact, I've found some more documents about Earth history, the Alpine orogeny, Wilson cycles and other Earth science topics.