May 12, 2009

My Third Field Trip Part 2

Again, I have to apologize for such a long period of absence. I know, I say it too often but the last weeks were really really busy because I had to finish the mapping report and a poster of the work on one of the stratigraphic profiles of my third field trip. My "problem" is that I always work in a way that I can hand in my workings at the closing date. Others don't. But that is a different topic...

I promised to show more photos of my sedimentology and stratigraphy field trip to Witzenhausen. Here they are. But I have to tell you that I didn't have much time at the outcrops in the following photos because we visisted twelve like these in a bit more than one day.

That's a pretty interesting outcrop showing turbidity current deposits but it actually was quite dangerous because thare were lots of loose rocks on several sections of the outcrop. I'm sure you can imagine that the 28 of us set many of them in motion. Rockfall!

Maybe you don't see any outcrop in this photo at the first glance. To spoil it - it's right at the bottom of the beautiful old castle ruin (Burg Hanstein) in the background. However, the castle is a much frequented tourist attraction and that means our geologist hammers had to stay in the cars. The outcrop shows cross-bedded sandstones. So, the question was: eolian or aquatic? But, please, don't ask me what the correct answer is. Maybe the funny thing is that both are correct. I don't know.

The guys in this photo investigate a small sinkhole. Beacuse that slope and the outcrop in general are freaking steep, I contented myself with taking photos of our adventurers.

In the next part, I'm going to show you the outcrop where we took the stratigraphic profile for the poster.

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Maximilian said...

they're aquatic, but i don't remeber why