April 14, 2009

My First Field Mapping Part 2

In the second part of the report on my first field mapping, I want to show you some photos of our mapping area.

Most hills are afforested, whereas the valleys are mainly farmed. The small village in the photo is Benkhausen (162 residents) which was right in the center of our mapping area and the only place where we met some people from time to time.

Unfortunately, most of our mapping area and especially the south looked like this. You don't find (m)any real outcrops there. So, we mainly mapped with the help of rocks under the rootage of old trees that had tumbled down.

This was the only really big outcrop in our mapping area. It actually is a very nice place with a neat barbecue area just in front of the outcrop. The rocks in the center of the photo are siliceous limestones.

The weather was rainy and cold nearly all the time but to see a snow front coming to you is even worse. It's a really strange and frightening feeling.

A photo often says more than a thousand words. It was cold, wet and definitely time to get back to our accomodation.

Mapping in a 'winter wonderland' was very exhausting because the slopes became even more slippery and more difficult to cope with. However, it was very beautiful when we ignored our work.

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Maximilian said...

woah i remember our mapping trip to adorf. what for a horrible area to map it geologically.

well the lunch was as bad as yours seemed to be