April 11, 2009

Back in Civilization

I'm finally back in Berlin, back in 'real' civilization. Berlin still appears a bit too noisy to me but that's only because Northern Hesse is just so rural and calm. So, it took me quite some time to find a moment to take care of my blog again.

However, I've got a lot to write about. On my two field trips I've gained a lot of experience I want to share with you. All in all, I took more than 320 photos of the landscape, our group of academics and students, the two accomodations and of course of the geology and several interesting close-ups. In the next days, I'm going to show you some of them.

Moreover, I prepare a blog entry about a FU Berlin short course on "organic petrology and geochemistry of petroleum source rocks - principles, methods and applications" I took part in with The Lost Geologist this week.

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Lost Geologist said...

The course was interesting. I should have taken more fotos there. Only took a single one on the last day of the classroom. Would have been interesting to also document our Vtrinite-Reflexion-Exercise or take some fotos of the macerals under the microscope.