February 25, 2009

It's Application Time

Even though I don't have to attend any lectures or other university stuff these days, I'm still stressed out. I've been enjoying nearly two weeks of recreation now but at the same time I'm busy with writing applications for my upcoming internship in summer. Having taken stock in hydrocarbon exploration for some months now, I want to apply to several multinational oil companies. This might be not the easiest way but it's the way of my choice. I just want to see whether hydrocarbon exploration is like I imagine it to be and I think that an internship is quite a good way to find out.

To be honest, writing applications, i.e. cover letters and resumes/CVs, in German and especially in English is something new for me. Of course, I also had to write an application to the GFZ in Potsdam for my job as a student assistent but this was rather easy (still not informal) and way faster than this time. The general problem about all this application stuff is not that you have to be the best applicant but that you have to know all the (country-specific) dos and don'ts. There are thousands of so-called application experts on the German-speaking Internet and each of them advises different things to do or rather not to do. It's really hard to pick out the information I consider to be useful but in the end I've found one web site with really good advises. You just need to multiply this by ten (hundred, thousand?) for international/English-speaking applications and you gonna find out why I'm stressed out. Anyway, I don't want to blame anyone for my misery because every applicant needs to go through all this but nevertheless it sucks.

My personal problem right now is that most of my fellow students are not as interested in doing an internship as I am. Moreover, most of our academics are out on field trips which means they can't help me either. So, I have to do most of it on my own. This makes me feel like a small light in the big darkness finding my way. At moments like these, I really ask myself whether I'm too much into this or if the others live too much for the moment. However, I don't mind what others do. It's my way to becoming a geophysicist!


franzi88 said...

ahh, well i talked about guys like you with my "boss" in the museum.
she said that pretty much all of the guys wanted to get into the oil buisness. they all wanted to earn a whole lot of money with it, but she also said that none, really none of them made it.
one man she is still friends with even ended up as a bus driver, because he didnt find a job.

i hope it all goes well for you.
do you have a back-up plan? i mean beside that whole oil stuff?

Maple Leaf said...

That is something new for me.

Most sources I've read or talked to say that the big oil companies are desperately looking for fresh blood. There was an oil boom in the 70s or so and many of those who began back then are at retiring age now.

Maybe there is a difference between paleontologist and geophysicist?

Moreover, it's not like I want to work in the oil business at any price. I'm just eager to find out if it's really the way I imagine it. Doing an internship does not mean that I will be bound to the oil business for the rest of my career.

My back-up plan? Probably GFZ. They offer internships, too. Or maybe bus driver. ;-)