January 23, 2009

The 2nd Coming

In October 2008, I started this blog about my way to becoming a geophysicist. I entitled it "A Long Way To Go" because I was just at the beginning of my academic career. Even though I had chosen an English title, I decided to start my blog in German. I hadn´t had any blog before and I just wanted to get used to the whole blog thing. Now, some three months later, I´m still at the beginning of my way but I think It´s time to take a step forward. Let me explain myself a bit:

I´ve had English classes since 5th grade with at least five periods of English each weak plus history, political science and geography in English. This amount of English in school is way above the average one of English classes in German schools. How come? I left elementary school after 4th grade (two years earlier than the common six years in Berlin) and attended a bilingual secondary school. However, it has been more than a year and a half since I finished school with 13th grade. English still is a big part of my life - listening to English music, watching CNN or movies in English, reading English literature - but I have to admit that my writing and especially my speaking skills in English are not as good as they were back then.

English is so important for publishing scientific articles, writing letters of application and getting in contact with other scientists from all over the world. There is just no way around it. I´m still better than most of my fellow students (and also some of my lecturers ^^) but I´m definitely not satisfied with my present skills. The best way to get back on track is to write in English. Therefore, I decided to change my blog´s language to English. I hope you gonna enjoy it.


franzi88 said...

hast du zufällig ein facebook? dann könnte man sich mal unterhalten :)

Maple Leaf said...

So, suddenly you change to German? ;-)

Well, I once created a facebook account but I don´t use it. I´m sorry.

franzi88 said...

well if you like i can talk in german, i really dont give a damn. i'm more used to english, so it's really no difference to me anymore.

ah, well at least you have one. almost every student i know have a facebook. i meet so many other ppl there who are interested in geology and paleo. There is this really famous paleo prof from america on facebook and we talk sometimes. Dr.Thomas Holtz he is amazing, and I saw him on tv all the time when i lived in London.
for ppl like you, facebook is wicked. i'm in so many geology groups there and its nice to talk to other people about it. much better than a blog xD

Lost Geologist said...

can you recommend some good groups on facebook? i am on facebook, too.

franzi88 said...

sure, i'm in these:






BUTT you just have to look for the search book and can search for every group you like. i'm very interested in Paleontology so i justlooked for those group and found like 20 or so.

Lost Geologist said...

Interestingly I already am member of two of those groups you recommended. :D

franzi88 said...

how about i'd add you?

Lost Geologist said...

Sure. I don't want to post my real name here. Can you mail me at studentgtb [at] hotmail [dot] com ?

you can either tell me how to find you on facebook or vice versa.

franzi88 said...


this is my profil